María & Sara “Because of Sara, I don’t have to ask my parents to help out last-minute. They can enjoy their time with the kids as grandparents, without any stress.”


Sara picks up the kids from school on Tuesdays. This gives their mom María the opportunity to work late once a week, and she doesn't have to leave the office in a rush.

María, what has changed since Sara arrived?

María: "It's a lot less stressful now. Before I had Sara, I had to make sure someone picked up the kids, sometimes at the very last minute, or I had to ask the grandparents to babysit. Now, I have one afternoon a week when I can work late. I’m more organized, without having to worry, and I know the kids are having a good time."

What do you like about Sara?

I liked her as soon as we met. I like the fact that she is very sweet but she can be strict if the kids need it. The kids respect her all the more for it.

Sara, how did your first day with the kids go?

Sara: It went very well! I picked them up from school and we went to the park. Then, we took a picture and sent it to María, so she could see those big smiles, see how things were going, and relax.

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