Elena & Ana “Why I chose Ana as a babysitter? Because she is a mom, too.”


Elena and Óscar, Raquels parents, hired babysitter Ana when Raquel was 8 months old. Knowing that Ana was a mum herself, gave her peace of mind.

When Óscars parental leave came to an end it was time to find a babysitter for Raquel. Did you meet many babysitters before hiring Ana?

Elena (mother): “We had an Excel file with 20 babysitters that we liked and we had quite a few interviews. We liked Ana from the very first phone call: she has a very beautiful and calming voice. And, above all, she is a mom herself.”

Elena (mother):

“Now Raquel is going to the nursery, and the teachers say she talks a lot. “It’s the babysitter”, I say. She reads books to her, sings to her, and tells her stories.”

Ana (babysitter):

“My kids have grown up, and you would think that it'd be difficult for me to go back to playing with a kid, at my age. But it isn't! Raquel and I spend a lot of our time together, just sitting on the floor playing. And I go home with Play Doh on my eyelashes.”

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