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Update! Many Sitly babysitters are now offering to volunteer for parents with critical jobs during the COVID-19 outbreak. More info.

Find an online tutor to help with homeschooling

Many parents are currently struggling with homeschooling their children during the COVID-19 outbreak. This takes a lot of time and it can be hard to combine with work. It's now possible to find an online tutor for your children on Sitly, who will help you with homeschooling via a tablet or laptop. You can now also offer to be a tutor yourself.

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Super nice website. I have found 2 sweet, reliable babysitters

5 April 2020

Great app! Clear and fast. You get in contact with the right candidates easily

4 April 2020

The site is very effective and clear

3 April 2020

Great app! Clear and fast. You get in contact with the right candidates easily

2 April 2020
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“Evie has become like a member of the family. She's like an older sister to the girls and she helps to teach them English.” ~ Verónica (mother)
Read about Verónica & Evie
“Latifa has lifted a lot of the burden that all mothers feel. She gives us some peace.” ~ Amelia (mother)
Read about Amelia & Latifa
“Because of Sara, I don’t have to ask my parents to help out last-minute. They can enjoy their time with the kids as grandparents, without any stress.” ~ María (parent)
Read about María & Sara
“Five minutes into her interview and she was already sitting on the floor playing with Julia.” ~ Marta (mother)
Read about Marta & Alba
“It was my daughter who chose the babysitter. And what a great choice she made!” ~Silvia (mother)
Read about Silvia & Laura
“Why I chose Ana as a babysitter? Because she is a mom, too.” ~Elena (mother)
Read about Elena & Ana
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