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Whether you’re looking for a babysitter during your regular work days, one who helps out when you’ve got an unexpected change in your schedule or when you have planned a night out: on Sitly you’ll find the babysitter that matches your preferences. The fastest growing platform for babysitting services in Spain: we are Sitly!

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Our story

Sitly connects families with babysitters and childminders. Established in 2009, and currently with 28 staff members, it has already become the largest and fastest growing platform for babysitting services in Spain and Europe. More than a million registered families, babysitters and childminders in 9 different countries are using Sitly today.
When Jules van Bruggen became a father for the first time, he discovered first-hand how hard it can be to find affordable at-home child care services, while daycare and after school care adhere to strict drop-off and pick-up procedures. It seems many parents are struggling with the same issue. That is why Jules founded Sitly.

Our team

Jules van Bruggen Jules van Bruggen
Hubert van Noort Hubert van Noort
Ronald Landa Ronald Landa
Ivo de Vries Ivo de Vries
Marieke Schoutsen Marieke Schoutsen
Arnout Hellemans Arnout Hellemans
Sira Westberg Sira Westberg
Paula Villa Ripol Paula Villa Ripol
Linda Aarts Linda Aarts
Marloes Opsomer Marloes Opsomer