Silvia & Laura “It was my daughter who chose the babysitter. And what a great choice she made!”


Can you let your 9 year old daughter choose the babysitter? Yes, as long as you think she’s perfect too when you finally meet her.

So, tell us what happened: your daughter chose the babysitter?

Silvia (mother): "I was looking at babysitters’ profiles on Sitly and Carla pointed to one of the pictures. She said: "I like this one!"

And how did the interview go?

Silvia (mother): "I had set up a lot of interviews with potential babysitters. Laura was the first that came to meet us, but we liked her so much that I cancelled the other interviews. I liked her smile, she was nice, available when I needed her, and she has the right experience. Also, the kids have a lot of fun with her".

Laura, what do you do with Carla and Martin when you are home?

Laura (babysitter): "Lots of things! We have Nerf battles, I help Martin with his French homework and he teaches me how to solve the Rubik’s cube. Carla and I have a passion in common: dancing."

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