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Instant access to 160.000 babysitters in Spain

Many parents have a difficult time combining their work with giving their children attention. The COVID-19 outbreak makes it even harder for them, with changes in work schedule and children being at home even more. Sitly helps them arrange childcare.


Parents in your company accept your invitation to join Sitly and fill in their profile


They can filter and view all babysitters in their area and talk to them


Once the parent finds someone they like, they can meet up for an interview

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What parents say about Sitly

Sitly at work: give your colleagues unlimited access to Sitly

Worry-free parents mean less absence, more productivity and more employee retention. Support parents in your company, by giving them easy access to good childcare, with our user friendly dashboard.


Invite your team in 1 click

Share an invitation to your colleagues, which includes how it works. Only people with your company email extension are able to sign up.


Complete insight & control

Colleagues that accept the invitation have instant access to every babysitter on Sitly. You have complete insight and control over who has access

Simple plans & pricing

Only pay for parents that actively use Sitly.*
Start with a free 2-week trial.

Billed monthly Billed annually


Up to 20 active parents*

59.00 79.00

per month

Package 0 Get started

small team

Up to 50 active parents*

119.00 159.00

per month

Package 1 Get started

medium team

Up to 100 active parents*

199.00 265.00

per month

Package 2 Get started

large team

Up to 200 active parents*

369.00 492.00

per month

Package 3 Get started


More than 200 active parents*

Custom pricing

Based on your needs

Tier 4 Extra Contact sales

*Active parent: a parent in your company that has used Sitly in the past 30 days. Parents that have not logged in in the past month, are automatically dowgraded so you don't pay for parents who are not looking for a babysitter anymore.

* all prices are ex. VAT

Four most asked questions

Who will pay the babysitters?

Sitly at work allows you to give the parents in your company access to a huge community of babysitters, and all the tools to easily select one. Your company will only pay the premium subscription fee, which has a discount, and allows parents full access to the platform. Both the selection and payment of the babysitter is the parent's task. You can of course choose to make an arrangement with your colleagues to reimburse them for childcare costs, but this is not part of the service of Sitly at work (yet).

How do the parents select a babysitter?

All of the babysitters on Sitly provided a description of their availability, experience, and any references they might have. Parents can filters on all these things and see matching babysitters in their area. Parents can then chat with them to get to know them and set up an interview. 340.000 parents in Spain already use Sitly and give our service a 8.6 / 10.

What will happen when we cancel?

You can revoke access to Sitly Premium for individual parents, or stop using our service altogether, at any time. Parents will then have access to Sitly Premium until the end of the month, after which their account is turned into a personal and 'free' account, with limited functionality. If they want access to Sitly premium again, they can indicate that in the app and add their own payment method. Of course the parents are notified of all this.

What about the privacy of the parents?

Parents don't have to worry about their privacy. They get their own accounts, which you don't have access to. You will have the ability to give or cancel access to Sitly Premium. If you cancel access, the parent keeps their account, but only has access to the free version of Sitly, with the option to reactivate Sitly Premium again themselves.

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